PhD Candidate at the University of Madeira and Researcher at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI). Research in Brain-Computer Interfaces, Physiological Computing, Virtual/Augmented Reality and Serious Games for Neurorehabilitation


OpenBCI hybrid for Rehab

An undergoing project using the blueprints from the OpenBCI headware is moving towards the implementation of an Open VR+BCI system for neurorehabilitation with the use of NeuroRehabLab VR content. The current 3D-printable headset prototype has been modified in order to accommodate the custom EEG boards and electronics of our lab. This hybrid project (OpenBCI+NeuroRehabVR) is going to be launched hopefully within the next months.

Figure 1: 3D printing the first parts (20% density)

Figure 2-3: The first prototype with most of the parts. Top and rear view.

Exploring the Human Brain Through Virtual Environment Interaction

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