PhD Candidate at the University of Madeira and Researcher at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI). Research in Brain-Computer Interfaces, Physiological Computing, Virtual/Augmented Reality and Serious Games for Neurorehabilitation


The Gadget Show Live 2011

On April 12 and for three days I will be demonstrating the first of my prototypes, the Neurosky controlled robot on the Gadget Show Live 2011 at Birmingham NEC.
This is going to be part of the evaluation & testing phase of my dissertation , with users being able to interact for the first time with the robot using the Mindset.
I would like to thank the Neurosky company who are going to have me on their stand (L2 | FT4).
My Exhibition Dates: Tuesday 12 to Thursday 14 April 2011
Event dates: Tuesday 12 to Sunday 17 April 2011
Venue: NEC, Birmingham

The Show

Exploring the Human Brain Through Virtual Environment Interaction

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